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Statewide Contract Vendor Websites

Note: This page contains links to vendors that have statewide contracts. These links are for informational purposes only. You will need to refer to the actual contract to see what products are covered, and what the pricing agreements are. Some of the products that you find on these home pages may not be under state contracts.
File Cabinets
U-Series Storage price list
All Terrain File and Storage price list
700 Series File Storage price list
KI Dealer List

T400 - Printing & Binding
Walker Printing
T103 - Cut Paper and Continuous Forms
Strickland Paper
T104 - Petroleum Products
Petroleum Traders Corp -
T106 - Tires
Goodyear Tire Pricing
Bridgestone Tire Pricing
Michelin Tire Pricing
T158 - Heavy Equipment Rental
RSC Equipment Rental
T171 - Worker Protection Materials
Emergency Lighting by Haynes
T191 - Vehicles
Ben Atkinson Motors Inc.
T191A - Vehicles - Alternative Fuel
Ben Atkinson Motors Inc.
Capital Chevrolet Inc.

T191R - Vehicles - Rental
Enterprise Leasing Co.
T270 - Restroom Supplies
T302 - Wireless Service / Equipment
Verizon Service Plans
T303 - First Net Wireless Communications Service & Equip

AT&T Plans
T311 - Mail Machines
Pitney Bowes price book
Pitney Bowes Supplies
T700 - Market Baskets
Commodity Codes and Vendor Links
Lines 00001-00009
Lines 00010-00018
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