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Furniture Resource Library

The State of Alabama has launched a new digital library for Furniture.  This new digital library will replace the previous library that was located at State Purchasing.  This library has binders for each manufacturer that was awarded the contract.  The very first binder in the library which is titled "State of Alabama" has been setup with some helpful tools including Master Agreements (MA) for all manufacturers and assisting dealers separated out by city.

Within each manufacturer's binder there is a light gray box to the left of the screen.  This box will contain the MA and the assisting dealers for that manufacturer.

Please utilize this library as needed, but remember it does not change the Purchasing process for furniture.  One must still obtain a quote from the assisting dealer or manufacturer before processing for their Delivery Order (DO).

Also, please do not create a login, this will hinder your viewing capabilities.  If you did login, sign out and click the link again.

My Resource Library

If you need further clarification, please contact Kerri Butler at or 334-353-0303.

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