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Latest Purchasing News

Need help finding a commodity number?  Please find the commodity code you are looking for here.

Need help finding a Professional Service Code?  Please find the Professional Service code you are looking for here .
Manual Agencies: (updated 5/26/17)
Instructions for filling out a Purchase Request Form:
PAR1 Guidelines and Instructions - click here
Alabama Buys introduction letter - click here (posted 10/30/20)
Office Supplies - Remanufactured ink cartridges have been added to the Office Supplies contract for Staples only at the time.  Please use line 35 on MA 16*61 for remanufactured ink cartridges.  Contact Kerri Butler at if you have any questions. (posted 10/15/20)
Verizon Update:  In years past, many agencies were using their online shopping tool to submit as quotes for new phones, equipment, and accessories, etc.  This practive is no longer allowed.  If an agency needs new equipment or accessories, they will need to contact one of the Verizon team members and obtain a quote.  Brandon Robinson is the lead contact for this contract and Rachel Sirico and Jessica Paluch should be secondary unless instructed differently by Brandon.
Brandon Robinson 334-306-8673
Rachel Sirico 334-750-0225
Jessica Paluch 334-306-1221
Also, only the authorized user(s) for your agency can obtain quotes or account information.

All Wireless contracts:
Quotes for equipment and accessories must have list price, discount price and a date.

The commodity extended description of each DO has a designated location for Account number and/or phone number and service dates.  Please complete these fields as designed.  Any additional information you would like to include must be added at the bottom of the commodity extended description.  I've included an example of how your DO for service should look.

PO is subject to NASPO Contract #MA987
Wireless Voice and/or Wireless Data Service
Account Number and/or phone number:  ACCT #662055083-00004
Service date:  10/1/20 - 9/30/21

As always is you are not receiving a response by the vendor, please contact State Purchasing.  If you have any questions, please contact the buyer, Brittany Peterson, 334-242-4667 or   (posted 10/30/20)

DiscountCell, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T will be on the new State of Alabama Wireless Voice, Data and Accessories contract. The contract will be effective 10/1/20.  Agencies may begin getting quotes/information against the new contracts.  

MA 999 200000000295 DiscountCell Inc (equipment and accessories)

MA 999 200000000296 Verizon Wireless (service, equipment and accessories)

MA 999 200000000297 T-Mobile (service, equipment and accessories)

MA 999 200000000297 AT&T (service, equipment and accessories) 

Backdated DO(s) will not be approved. Modifications must be in the current month of service. New equipment will need to be processed as a separate DO/DO0/DO3.  Modifications for new equipment will not be approved. 

Service – In the commodity extended description, agencies must include at minimum, service dates and account number and/or phone number.

Phones, equipment and accessories – In the commodity extended description, agencies must include at minimum, account number and/or phone number (DiscountCell will use a customer number), item description, and SKU/item number if available.  Each item with a different description and/or item number must be entered as a separate commodity line.  

If you have any questions please contact Brittany Peterson at or 334-242-4667.

T700 - MRO -  MSC is pleased to announce a new dedicated Customer Care team for the State of Alabama.  For MSC Customer Care please email or phone 833-232-9889.  MSC Customer Care hours are Mon-Fri 7am cst - 7pm cst.  Please Note:  Any requests you have been sending to our branches, please send to this Customer Care going forward.  (posted 9/10/20)
Procurement Conference and Product Expo
click here for Memo (posted 6/23/20)
EOY Memo: (posted 5/14/20)

Here are some important dates regarding Procurement.  Please mark your calendar accordingly so you don't miss any deadlines.

FY 20 documents:

June 22 - All BIDS (RQS)requiring Information Technology approval must be submitted by this date
June 25 - All BIDS (RQS) requiring a Site Visit must be submtted by this date
July 13 - All other BIDS (RQS) (over $15,000 which require bidding) must be submitted by this date
August 7 - All FY 20 award letters must be received from the agency by this date
August 14 - State Purchasing will set all outstanding FY 20 bid documents to Intent to Award
August 28 - All FY 20 documents (RQS/DO) must be completed, to include all agency internal approvals, and submitted to State Purchasing by this date
September 16 - All FY 20 documents (except Capital Outlay) must be converted to a purchase order/delivery order.  Any document(s) remaining in State Purchasing that has not been converted will be returned to the agency. The agency can resubmit as a FY 21 after October 1.

FY 21 documents:

August 3
-   Agencies can begin entering FY 21 preprocessing RQN's if all Chart of Accounts are available.  It is essential that the  FY 21 account codes be used on the FY 21 documents.  NOTE:  RQN's cannot be submitted until September 1.
     * Job Aid for RQN can be found at

September 17 - Last day to submit FY 21 preprocessing RQN's
October 1 -  Agencies can begin submitting FY 21 Delivery Orders to State Purchasing

Purchase Orders:

FY 19
September 14
- All outstanding FY 19 purchase orders (including Professional Service contracts) will be closed in STAARS

FY 20
- State Purchasing will suspend processing of any FY 20 purchase order/delivery order modifications during the period September 23 - September 30.  They will resume October 1. 
November 12 - All FY 20 modification increases must be received by State Purchasing by this date.  Increases needed after this date must go to the Board of Adjustments.

State Purchasing is pleased to announce a new statewide contract for Public Safety Video Systems.  The awarded vendors are: Enforcement Video LLC dba Watchguard Video, Axon Enterprise Inc, and Coban Technologies Inc.  

This contract has three categories:

  • Body Worn Cameras and recording devices – mounted to the chest, belt, hat, glasses, etc
  • Vehicle mounted  video and recording devices – Law Enforcement vehicles, public transit, school buses, and/or other public safety vehicles, etc
  • Video Storage, Data Security, Software and Peripherals – government cloud services, local secured storage systems, data management tools, software with related maintenance, etc

For additional questions about the Public Safety Video Systems contract, please contact Brittany Peterson, or 334-242-4667. (posted 5/14/20)

State Purchasing is pleased to announce that we have new statewide contracts for Small Package Delivery. There are two vendors that hold this contract: FedEx and UPS.  No Delivery Order (DO) is required. There is more detailed information on who to contact and how to effectively manage your State of Alabama account with both vendors on State Purchasing’s website.  It can be accessed from Active Statewide Contracts and selecting “Note” or “Vendor Web Sites”.  If you have any additional questions contact, Brittany Peterson, or 334-242-4667. (posted 1/23/20)

Training and Conference Memo:  (updated 5/21/19)
Please refer to this Memo for clarification regarding Training and Conferences.
Guidelines to Procure Training and Conferences:
Please click here for the Guidelines to Procure Training and Conference.  Contact Lindsay Bryant directly if further clarification is needed. (posted 1/22/18)
Off Contract Memo
Off Contract Waiver Request Checklist
Off Contract OIT Sheet
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