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Need help finding a commodity number?  Please find the commodity code you are looking for here.

Need help finding a Professional Service Code?  Please find the Professional Service code you are looking for here .
Manual Agencies: (updated 5/26/17)
Instructions for filling out a Purchase Request Form:

Clarification:  RQNs can begin entry in STAARS on Monday, August 13th and can be submitted to State Purchasing until close of business Tuesday, September 18th.  No more entry in STAARS for FY19 RQNs after this date.

You can begin entry of RQMs now (for contracts or open ends); however, they will begin with the number 18 until October 1.  The valid period of the MA/MAOP1 issued from the RQM will reflect the correct FY 19 dates. 

On October 1, 2018 you can start the entry for FY19 RQSs and DOs

Agency Procurement Meeting June 11, 2018 (posted 5/22/18)
Please note there will be an Agency Procurement Meeting held Monday June 11, 2018 in the State Capitol Auditorium at 9:30 am.  This meeting will last approximately 1 hour and will deal with update and common issues of interest to the statewide procurement community. Please allow extra time when arriving due to the security scanners at the State Capitol.
Presentation from Agency Procurement Meeting
Click here for the PowerPoint presentation from Huntsville.
EOY Memo: (posted 5/22/18)
The Comptroller's Office has posted the End of Year Memo for FY 2018.  You can obtain the entire memo from the Comptroller's web page. Click here for
the Purchasing section.

Here are some important dates regarding Procurement.  Please mark your calendar accordingly so you don't miss any deadlines.

FY 18 documents:

June 25 - All BIDS requiring a site visit or Information Technology approval must be submitted by this date
July 6 - All other BIDS (RQS's over $15,000 which require bidding) must be submitted to State Purchasing by this date.
August 8 - All FY 18 award letters must be received from the agency by this date
August 17 - State Purchasing will set all outstanding FY 18 bid documents to award.
September 14 - All FY 18 documents (except Capital Outlay) must be converted to a purchase order/deliver order.  Any
     document(s) remaining in State Purchasing that has not been converted will be returned to the agency.  The agency can
     resubmit as a FY 19 after October 1.

FY 19 documents:

August 13
-   Agencies can begin entering FY 19 preprocessing RQN's if all Chart of Accounts are available.  It is essential that    the  FY 19 account codes be used on the FY 19 documents. 
     * Job Aid for RQN can be found at under Purchasing News.
September 18 - Last day to submit FY 19 preprocessing RQN's.
October 1 -   Agencies can begin submitting FY 19 Delivery Orders to State Purchasing.

Purchase Orders:

FY 17
September 4
- All outstanding FY 17 purchase orders (including Professional Service contracts) will be closed in STAARS

FY 18
September 17
- State Purchasing will suspend processing of any FY 18 purchase order/delivery order modifications during the
period September 17 - September 28.  They will resume October 1 through November 16.  State Purchasing will not accept / process any FY 18 modifications after November 16.
Guidelines to Procure Training and Conferences:
Please click here for the Guidelines to Procure Training and Conference.  Contact Lindsay Bryant directly if further clarification is needed. (posted 1/22/18)
Note:  All FY 2017 modifications must be submitted to State Purchasing no later than close of business Thursday November 9, 2017.  Any documents that are received after this date will be rejected back to the agency.  You will then need to file a claim with the Board of Adjustments to pay vendor(s).  These dates apply to ALL agencies.
Official Memo from Mr. Jones dated 10/20/17 which also went out as a CI from STAARS. (posted 11/1/17)
The following Campaign Intelligence (CI) was sent out from STAARS regarding Immediate Changes to Priority Authorization
Request Procedure:
(posted 6/20/17)

New Prior Authorization Request (PAR0/PAR1) Documents

STAARS now includes two new Priority Authorization Request documents (PAR0 and PAR1) that should be used to submit priority authorization requests. These documents are clones of the Purchase Order (PO) and can be used throughout the entire fiscal year, including the Comptroller’s Office end-of-year closeout period when no encumbrances are allowed. The PAR0/PAR1 documents default to using encumbering Event Type PR05 (Order from External Vendor). However, the non-encumbering Event Type PR07 (Order – Non Accounting) may be used during the end-of-year closeout period.

What are the new documents for?

Effective immediately, the PAR0 and PAR1 documents replace the previous process of using an RQS, RQS0, or RQS3 with a Procurement Type of 14 (Priority Authorization). The business requirements for requesting a priority authorization remain the same for PAR0/PAR1 documents.

State Purchasing has until Wednesday, June 21 at 5 PM to complete any RQ* documents with Procurement Type 14 that are currently in progress.

Which document should I use?

The PAR0 should be used only by the Department of Transportation (ALDOT). All other agencies should use the PAR1.

A job aid that explains how to create a PAR0 or PAR1 document is available on the STAARS Support Portal. (Click the hyperlink or, on the Support Portal, select Browse Resources > Job Aids, and look in the Purchasing category. If you do not have a user ID for the Support Portal, ask your agency POC to contact STAARS Support Services and request one for you.)

The following Campaign Intelligence (CI) was sent out from STAARS regarding New Year Requisition and Delivery Order
Procedures for FY 18
(posted 6/19/17)

New Year Requisition (RQN/RQN0/RQN3) Documents

Beginning Monday, June 19, 2017, agencies may begin entering New Year Requisition (RQN, RQN0, and RQN3) documents to process requisitions for FY18. Agencies should finish setting up their FY18 chart of accounts prior to submitting these documents. Since these documents are non-encumbering, new year budgets do not have to be loaded into STAARS prior to processing RQN* documents.

State Purchasing will copy forward approved RQN/RQN0/RQN3 documents to PO/PO0/PO3 documents so they can be mass submitted on October 1. RQN* documents that have already been submitted but not finalized by October 1 can still be processed after October 1. However, starting October 1, new RQN* documents cannot be entered.

A job aid that explains how to create an RQN, RQN0, or RQN3 document is available on the STAARS Support Portal. (Click the hyperlink above or, on the Support Portal, select Browse Resources > Job Aids, and look in the Purchasing category. If you do not have a user ID for the Support Portal, ask your agency POC to contact STAARS Support Services and request one for you.)

Important Note: RQN* Document IDs Require “19N” Prefix and Auto-Numbering

The Document ID for an RQN* or DON* document must have a prefix of “19N” (for FY19) and must be auto-numbered. This prefix format will be used each year, with the first two characters representing the FY and the third character of "N" designating new year activity. For example, for FY19 these documents would use a prefix of “19N.” This will aid State Purchasing in their processing of new year purchase requests as we approach each new fiscal year.

When creating an RQN*, enter the following information:
1.    Doc Code
2.    Dept and Unit
3.    ID: 19N
4.    Select (check) the Auto Numbering check box.
5.    Create the document.

Note: Make sure the Fiscal Year field is set to 2019 and the Period field set is to 1. For use of FY18 funds, make sure the Budget FY field is also set to 2019. This will ensure that the FY19 purchase orders will reference the new fiscal year’s budget, which should be available for use on October 1, 2018.


If you need further assistance, please ask your agency POC to create a support ticket with STAARS Support Services or call (334) 353-9000.
Off Contract Memo
Off Contract Waiver Request Checklist
Off Contract OIT Sheet
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