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Division of Purchasing Staff

  Michael A. Jones
Purchasing Director
  Jerry Young
Deputy Purchasing Director
  Jaeri Ellis -
  Tina Barber -
Administrative Assistant

Team Supervisor
Team 3
Crist Watts -
Building & Road Materials, Lumber, Hand Tools, Tape, Aggregate, Asphalt, Concrete, Plant Mix, Fertilizers and Herbicides, Plants, Seeds, Lawn Care Equipment, Agricultural Equipment and Supplies, Pre-fab Buildings, Building Accessories and Supplies, Floor Coverings, Roofing, Steel and Metals, Plastics, Resins, Fiberglass, Plastic Laminates, Traffic Control Equipment & Supplies, Airplane/Helicopter Parts, Earth Handling Equipment, Road/Highway Equipment, Aerial Services, Airplane Maintenance, Financing, Road/Highway Equipment Lease
Team 2 Bryan Matthews -
Right-of-Way Maintenance/Repair, Street Sweeping/Culvert Cleaning, Building Maintenance and Repairs/Painting, Electronic Monitoring, Photograph, Publications, Film Processing, Research & Subscriptions, Athletic Equipment and Clothing, Sporting Equipment, Hardware & Related Items, Lawn Care, Grounds Service, Subscriptions, Art Supplies & Art Objects, Tree Removal, Litter Pick-up, Guard Service, Services Alarm/Armored Car/Card Access, Rent/Lease Facilities, Portable Toilets, Library Services, Animals (Live), Livestock Equipment & Supplies, Veterinary Equipment & Supplies, Feeding/Bedding/Vitamins, First Aid & Safety Supplies, Luggage & Briefcases
Team 11 Patrick Hemme -
Boats (Motors and Trailers), Fuels, Material Handling (Hand Trucks, Fork Lifts, Conveying), Automotive Accessories, Auto Replacement Parts, Auto Bodies, Vehicles and Transit Bus and Accessories, Auto Equipment, Bearings, Auto Belts, Tires, Auto Accessories, Auto Conversions, Auto Washing, Tire Mounting, Fleet Management, Vehicle Storage, Auto Transportation Equipment Lease, Auto Shop Equipment Lease, Vehicle Window Tinting
Team 10 Maria Green -
Medical, Laboratory and Scientific Supplies and Equipment; Health Care, Hospital Facility and Laboratory Furniture; Fiscal Agent, Prescription, Human and Animal Diagnostic Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals Raw Materials, Professional Design Services, Building Maintenance and Repair, Janitorial Supplies, Health Services, Delivered Meals, Bridge Construction, Building Construction, Parking Lot Construction, Water/Sewage Treatment, Welding Equipment and Supplies, Street Sweeping, Park Area Construction/Renovation, Traffic Sign Maintenance/Repair/Installation.
Team 8 Kerri Hines -
Heating and Air Conditioning, Electrical, Elevator, Elevator Maintenance, Plumbing, Pressure Washing, Translation/Transcription, Public Works, Construction, Sludge Removal and Maintenance, Septic Tank Maintenance and Service, All Electrical & Plumbing Work, Financing Services, Vending Machines, Generator Maintenance, Water Treatment, Locksmith, Maintenance, operating and repair supplies, Roadway projects, including concrete and pavement repair
Team 12 Sondra Cunningham –
Carpet Cleaning, Environmental Sanitizing and Disinfecting, Exterior Building Cleaning Services, Garbage Services/Waste Disposal, Hazardous Waste, Housekeeping, Janitorial and Custodial Services, Landfill Services, Paper Recycling, Pest Control, Pressure Washing, Termite Control
Team Supervisor
Team 4
Jennifer Loretz -
Computer Hardware Equipment and Maintenance, Local Area Network and Wide Area Network Equipment, Computer Software (new, renewals, maintenance/support), Electronic Information Service, Telephone Equipment, Optical and Auditory Equipment, Temporary Personnel, Copiers, Printers/Plotters, Audio and Video, Satellite Television Service
Team 5 Sonya Bryan -
CopCopiers, Software and Accessories, Printers/Plotters, Internet Service, After-Market Ink/Toner Cartridges, Cable Television, Projectors, Fax Machines, Security Systems/Fire Detection Systems, Clipping Services, Police Equipment, Video Surveillance Cameras
Team 6 Kerri Butler-
Furniture, Office Supplies, File Cabinets, Shredders, Shredding Services, Educational Equipment/Services/Supplies, Ink/Toner Cartridges Travel, Pool Equipment, Glass Installation/Repair/Tint
(Training no longer requires a PO)
TeaTeam 9  –
ProPromotional Items, Service Pins, Printing Equipment & Supplies, Barcode Labels, Decals, Stamps, Office/ Graphic Arts Papers, Envelopes, Printing Services, Correctional Foods, Kitchen Equipment, Ice Machines, Walk-In Freezers and Coolers, Ice, Bottled Water, Laundry Equipment, Law Enforcement Badges, Restroom Supplies, Printing Industrial Chemicals, Restaurant Supplies, Raw Materials for Cloth and Mattress, Rock Salt, Sewing and Textile Equipment & Supplies, Decals, Paper & Plastic Bags, Thermal Labels, Pressure Seal Forms, Variable Data Printing, Roll Paper, Emergency Rations, Cut Paper, Meals for the Elderly, Hygiene Suppliespan>pan>
Team 7 Brittany Peterson
MaiMail Machines, Cellular Equipment and Service, Push To Talk (PTT) Service and Equipment, Two Way Radio Equipment, Pagers, Public Address Systems, Premise Distribution Systems (Fiber Optic and Cat 5 Cabling), Land Line Telephone, Data Service, Communications Interoperability Equipment, Answering Service, Mailing Service, Courier Service, Moving Service, Televisions, Public Safety Video Systems, Video Conferencing Equipment, Placement of Advertising through Billboard, Television, Radio Media, Microfilm, Microfilming Service, Audio/Visual Equipment
Support Staff:
Terri Cole -
Procurement Specialist; System Administrator; Agency and Buyer Support
Tamara Norman -
Bid Clerk
fax: (334)353-1878
  Christina Edmondson
  Tina Salyer - >

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