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User Instructions

Viewing, Printing and Downloading Instructions for Active Statewide Contracts
Viewing a Contract:  
List of active statewide contracts - select this option from Purchasing homepage. When list appears "click" on a contract's t-number (i.e.T123) to view the contract. Once an entire contract appears scroll down to view the contents of the contract .

: To search for the specific item within a page or contract do the following while viewing the page or contract: Click on EDIT, then FIND (on this page), type in the search item. (Most Internet providers support the FIND option. This is generally found in EDIT)

Also, on the List of Active Contracts is a column marked "Contract Changes", this column will indicate the date a change was made to a contract . The contract change date is linked to the web page "Contract Change List", click the change date to view a brief description of the change (i.e. vendor's contract cancelled, re-awards, changes in commodity, close-out order dates, vendor name changes, etc..). When an additional change is made to a contract, a new change date will appear in the contract change column. The change descriptions will remain on the Contract Change List for the entire contract period.
Printing a Contract:
(Note: some contracts are very large and printing them from the Internet will take time and possibly tie up your system - it is advised to download contracts before printing.)
  1. While the contract is being viewed, click on "FILE" - then "PRINT". (Landscape style can be selected under the printer properties once the "Print" window appears)
  2. Note: The printed contract's page number that is listed on the contract will not correspond to the Internet's page number when printed.
    Example: At the bottom of a contract it reads: "This contract contains 8 pages." When printing the complete contract from the Internet, this contract will only print 6 pages, these pages contain the entire contract (all 8 pages). The Internet printed page has no page breaks therefore it will contain more information on a page.
  3. To print just a portion of a contract you can try one of these options:
  • Click and drag your cursor to "select" the text you want, then "copy" and "paste" this text into your word processor (i.e. Word, WordPerfect...etc). In a word processor the contract is best viewed and printed with the following settings: (For each type word processor these procedures may be different)
    Page Setup = LANDSCAPE; Font = COURIER NEW; Font size = 10; Left and Right page margins = .5"
  • Download the contract (* see instructions below) and use the print range option available from your word processor, "print pages: __ to __". Note the contract page numbers indicated on your word processor and use these page numbers on the "print page to page" feature.
Downloading a Contract:
  1. While viewing the entire contract, click on "FILE" - then "SAVE AS"
  2. The contract will be saved in .txt format - this format can easily be converted into a word processing document.


Helpful Tips:
  1. BOOKMARK or save as a FAVORITE Purchasing's web site for frequent viewing.
  2. Remember to "Refresh or Reload" your screen frequently to bring up the most current copy of a contract or web page.
  3. Frequently check a contract's "Contract Change" date column to view the latest changes.
  4. The "List of Active Contracts" will be updated monthly.
  5. Frequently check our web page "Latest Purchasing News" for any news on contracts.
If you have any questions or comments, please address them to

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